General questions

Our minimum for printing is 48 pieces and for embroidery 24 pieces.

If you are a current client or stuck in a bind and need something smaller – just ask if we can accommodate it – we will!

It varies so much. It depends on how many you’re ordering and what the printing is like (just one color on the front only, versus two color front and three color back, etc) and what kind of shirt it is. There is no standard price. Get in touch with us for a custom price!

After your order is approved and we have payment we can typically print and ship your garments within two weeks. Some blanks take longer to get to us so occasionally we have a three week turn time – but we will let you know that at the time of your order!

Once we have everything agreed upon and you have picked your items and we have approved your art and placement etc – you will receive a link online to pay. Super easy!

HMMM not usually. We do. have several different ways to print garments but we like to stick to our minimums. It keeps production moving and clients happy. Have a one off you just really really need? You can email us or call us to see if it is possible to accommodate you!

Just shoot us over an email (or call or chat box) we need to know a few things. 1) what type of garment are you looking for – for example navy Gildan hoodies – or nice quality black shirts, not too heave 2) how many? and lastly 3) what would you like on in – how many locations and how many colors – for example we have a one color logo for the front left chest but we would like a two color image on the back. With that info we can price out your order and get things rolling!

Other questions

If you have something specific in mind, we can probably get it! We list the most common items on our site for your industry but we get most of our blanks from SanMar and SSActivewear – go ahead and click on those links to see more styles that we can provide. Or just ask us, and we can probably find it for you.

Because pricing is so complicated. It’s based on what kind of garment, how many colors and locations to print, and the quantity printed at a time.

It doesn’t take long to come up with a quote for your project, you can call – email or use the chat box and we can get you your quote super fast!

It needs to be crisp and clean, at actual print size at 300dpi resolution, if you’re submitting a photoshop or PNG or JPG file. In other words, real big and not blurry or messy.

We prefer vector format, like Illustrator or EPS or PDF files. That’s ideal for screen printing, because it has crisp edges, and we need a sharp edge when we make the stencil in the screen.

We do not charge any screen making fees or ink mixing fees for our retail customers, which saves people a lot of extra cost. We don’t want to nickel and dime customers like other screen printing shops do.

The only fee we currently charge is to change ink colors during the printing. For example, if you wanted 50 white shirts, and 25 have the design in red ink and 25 have it in blue ink, we have to stop the run and then start over. Ink changes are $20 per change.

Maybe, and we will need to know all the details before we can agree to print them, to make sure they are of a quality and type that we can use.

We prefer to provide the shirts and hoodies, and with the amount of blank items that we buy annually, we get just about the best pricing possible, so it’s better economically for us to provide the blanks.

We sure do – we just kept the site as simple as possible – again for easy use with our clients – but we print on most promo items – drinkware – signs – banners and so much more!